Home Staging

I recently received the Accredited Staging Professional designation. I am thrilled to offer my clients home staging as another value service of my marketing plan.

Competition is fierce in our current housing market. Staging a home to sell gives the seller a definite advantage over the abundant competition. Staging is visual. It is all about presentation and making things pleasing to the eye. As a seller you must change your mind set. You need to think of your house as a product in a competitive market. If you are going to sell your product and get top dollar, you must make it more attractive. Buyers will be drawn to your product because it looks better than the other products.

Staging is not decorating. Decorating is personalizing your home. Staging is depersonalizing it therefore allowing potential buyers to visualize living in the house with their things. Decorating is optional. Today, staging is mandatory. Staging is about getting a property sold in the shortest time for the most money regardless of the economy.

You are selling the house and space not your things.....and that's the key to home

Please feel free to call me for details on Staging Your Home to Sell.

Judi Kraft-Smith

Staging A Home for Sell